How To: Explain to a Child How to Get into Heaven with a Tea Bag & Fire Trick

Explain to a Child How to Get into Heaven with a Tea Bag & Fire Trick

If you want to raise your children in a Christian way, it is very significant to make them understand what Jesus' sacrifice did for them.

But telling a child that the forgiveness of its sins will get him into heaven might be a bit too complex for a very young child. In this video, I visually display how to go to heaven by accepting Jesus as your savior so your burden—the sins which weight you down—will be taken away from you in order for you to ascend into Heaven.

I use a little trick which was shown to me by Christians when I was a child and it did blow my mind and got me really interested into religion when I was a child. So I thought that it might be a good idea to share how you get a child interested into religion.

How Does This Trick Work?

The fire, which represents Jesus in the video, fills the tea bag with hot air. Hot air rises into the air, when the fire almost reaches the floor, the tea bag will be so light (weight) that the hot air in it will carry it into the air and make it fly for some seconds. This is a really good metaphor for ascending into heaven with the help of the flame (Jesus).

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