How To: Make a rosary bracelet

Make a rosary bracelet

This video tutorial in Spirituality category will show you how to make a rosary bracelet. Jim Horn from real life rosary presents this video. For this you will need a nylon string and a bead making tool. With the string take three turns around the end of the bead making tool and pass the end of the string through the slot in the tool so that it passes through the three turns and tighten it to make a knot which makes a bead. Like this you make nine beads and then the father and the beginnings of the cross. Now come back to the end where you started and make the tenth bead. But, before you take the string off the tool, take the other end of the string, pass it through the slot in the tool from the opposite direction and remove the tool. This end will slide through the bead to make a loop. Now cut off the piece that doesn't move and melt it so it doesn't fray. From the other end of the string, cut off extra length and use it as the cross piece.

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